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Black Elefant Womens Heart Chain T Shirt

Heart Chain
Our short-sleeved fitted crew neck Heart Chain t-shirt.
When the best part of one ride is looking forward to the next one.
You can go a step better than wearing your heart on your sleeve with our crew neck Heart Chain t-shirt.
To finish the Black Elefant logo is printed at the back neck of the t-shirt.
White coloured, comfortable 140gsm 100% organic cotton.
Machine washable

About Black Elefant:
Black Elefant design and provide expertly crafted cycling related apparel and accessories. With a focus on awareness and safety, our motto is Next Ride, Best Ride!!
Knowing you're never on the bike long enough our range of organic cotton t-shirts to provide the same adrenalin rush as when you ride.
Where did the quirky name come from?
We've always had a strong affinity with elephants, from seeing LeRoy Neiman's striking Charging Bull serigraph in San Franisco to experiencing the awesome presence of elephants on a nature reserve in Africa.
Elephants inspire a sense of direction, focus and strength that motivates us to bring our Black Elefant dream to you. The spelling of elefant with an "f" was no accident, representing family, friends, fun and fitness.

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